Solar Panel Cleaning In Wirral

Professional solar panel cleaning service for your home or business

solar1When your solar panels are dirty you experience a significant drop in energy output, for some panels this goes to as much as a 50% drop due to excess dirt in grain build up.

Our solar panel cleaning services at Wirral Clear Shine help you avoid this!

Our experts can come out to your home or business on a regular basis to efficiently clean your system.

Its highly recommended that you wash your solar panels once every 3 months in order to keep the energy production level at its highest all year around.

Wirral Clear Shine use Reach and Wash System (Water Fed Pole) to eliminate the Health and Safety concerns regarding high level solar panel cleaning.

Our specialists use this 100% pure water fed pole cleaning system to take care of your solar panels and surfaces safely.

Unlike windows, the panels on your roof need to have a clean and clear surface to ensure they are working at their maximum efficiency. If they are not at their optimum performance it means they are not producing the amount of electricity that they could be.

From ground level the panels may appear to be clean, just like your windows. Up close however, you can see the grime that has built up from the dirt and pollution in the air.

A more noticeable deposit that can be left on panels consists of bird droppings. These tend to completely block the light from areas of the photovoltaic panel and can considerable reduce its effectiveness.

Why choose us?

We are a flexible and reliable exterior cleaning business, offering our services to businesses across a wide reach, including Wirral and Liverpool.

Our combination of speed and quality leaves our customers satisfied time after time, just ask any of our clients.


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