Complete Conservatory Valet Service In Wirral

Professional conservatory valeting service for your home

It’s quite probable that your conservatory is your favourite room in your house, but it’s just as likely that it will only remain your favourite room as long as you keep those countless panes of glass spotlessly clean – which is where we come in at Wirral Clear Shine. Hire our services and we’ll work hard to restore all your conservatory windows to their initial pristine brilliance.

If you do want to ensure that your conservatory lasts as long as the rest of your house, then it will pay you to have the windows and frames cleaned on a regular basis, as well as keeping up with any maintenance work that is required. If you have a small conservatory you might be able to do this yourself, but the larger your conservatory, the harder the task becomes. Besides, it’s usually a much better proposition to hire the experts anyhow, as they come armed with the right equipment and the experience and expertise.

Taking care of your roof

We use a telescopic pole with its own pure water supply to reach the parts that other window cleaners cannot reach. The pure water that we use makes it easier for us to rid your conservatory roof of moss, dirt and anything else unwanted that has built up.

Here at Wirral Clear Shine we offer premium conservatory valet packages delivered by our expert team.

Using specialist equipment to clean all of the hard to reach areas of your conservatory, our valet team will go to the places you don’t want to.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning & External Valet

A unique conservatory roof cleaning service that will restore your conservatory to its full beauty.

The external conservatory valet includes as standard:

smallAll external roof panel surfaces cleaned, polished and treated with our bespoke cleaning solution that repels water and prevents dirt from sticking to the surface area – using our special access equipment to clean those hard to reach places.

smallAll external roof bars cleaned and polished

smallAll finials and cresting's cleaned and restored

smallThe application of patination oil to lead flashing to prevent oxidisation

smallAll external window and door surfaces are polished and treated with our cleaning solution

smallCleaning of all internal/external conservatory guttering

smallCheck and clean of guttering down pipes

smallThe fitting of leaf guards to hopper of guttering down pipes to prevent any future blockages

smallCheck and clean drainage slots to all window and door frames

smallThe cleaning and lubrication of all window and door locks


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Conservatory Internal Valet

A unique internal conservatory valet service that will restore your conservatory to its full beauty.

We understand that keeping your conservatory in tip-top shape can be a bit of an effort. With lots of hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, maintaining its cleanliness and comfort can involve more than the average amount of household upkeep.

We go beyond simply providing you with effective window solutions; we help you clean and care for your home. Our unique conservatory valet service will restore your conservatory to its full beauty and make it an enjoyable, comfortable room once again.

Through this unique and in-depth cleaning process, our expert technicians will:

smallClean, polish and treat all interior roof surfaces with our bespoke cleaning solution

smallClean and restore all window boards and internal rebates

smallLubricate and care for all handles and locks

smallVacuum entire area

Our expert technicians work with the utmost care and attention to detail, so you can rest assured that you are getting personal, thorough treatment.





Why choose us?

We are a flexible and reliable exterior cleaning business, offering our services to businesses across a wide reach, including Wirral and Liverpool.

Our combination of speed and quality leaves our customers satisfied time after time, just ask any of our clients.


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