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If the appearance and cleanliness of your premises are critical to you, then Wirral Clear Shine will help to maintain those high standards. With commercial clients for window cleaning throughout Wirral and Liverpool, we have experience in dealing with all types of cleaning utilsing pure water.

From retail units to multi storey office blocks, we have a cleaning solution available for your building. We work on schools, business parks and garages, giving you confidence that we can supply an experienced cleaning service.

We will clean your windows up to a height of 60 feet, as well as having the facility to clean soffit, fascia, atria, signage and panelling.

We can vary the time of our cleans including early morning or late afternoon cleans so as not to disturb your workforce or avoid any traffic concerns.

Health and Saftey

Health and safety is very important to us, that's why we always display hazard signs, wear hi-visibilty vests and use profesional water fed pole systems from the safety of the ground.

wirral clear shine at work

High Access Water Fed Pole System

Our water-fed pole cleaning systems use reverse osmosis and demineralising resin to produce 100% pure water.

The sheer strength of pure water means there’s no need to use cleaning detergents, making it ideal for achieving a spotless shine on all your windows. Not only saving money, but helping to save the planet too, with zero chemicals involved.

By far the safest and most cost-effective way to clean windows, it allows our teams to work from the safety of solid ground. For the best results, we recommend using water-fed pole systems for buildings up to five storeys high on:

smallWindows smallCladding smallGlass roofs smallSignage smallAtriums smallSkylights smallCanopies

On top of the lack of chemicals, water-fed poles also speed up the cleaning process and reduce the disturbance to people in and around a building, giving them a greater sense of privacy. As a self-contained system with on-board resources, it’s the complete window cleaning solution.

wirral clear shine pole fed window cleaning2

High Access Cherry Picker Cleaning Systems

Where access is not possible via water-fed poles the cherry picker window cleaning system comes into its own.

What does the cherry picker service involve?

Cherry pickers are hydraulic, mobile devices that have a basket mounted on the end of a mechanical arm.

Standing in the elevated basket, a professional operator has the flexibility to raise the carrier to all necessary heights, producing an all-encompassing and exceptional clean.

Are cherry pickers right for my building?

Cherry pickers are a viable option for high-rise buildings, as they can reach great heights. If your building has level access, cherry pickers are the ideal window cleaning solution. And, even where access is an issue.

wirral clear shine cherry

Why choose us?

We are a flexible and reliable exterior cleaning business, offering our services to businesses across a wide reach, including Wirral and Liverpool.

Our combination of speed and quality leaves our customers satisfied time after time, just ask any of our clients.


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